About Julie

Julie has been involved with osteopathy for over 40 years. She is in full time practice from a lovely quiet room in Randwick.

Patient Care

Julie has a particular interest in treating mothers, babies and children. She sees a wide variety of patients, with cross referral between many other health disciplines.

Julie is passionate about helping mothers have the opportunity for an optimal birth and helping babies recover from early stresses, which may affect their ongoing development. She sees children of all ages for structural and developmental issues through hands on care of the musculoskeletal framework”.

“I have been fortunate to work with and be taught by many eminent osteopaths involved with the care of children such as: Anne Wales, Viola Frymann, Melicien Tetambel, Jane Carreiro, Susan Turner, Stuart Korth and many others”.


Julie qualified with a DO from the British School of Osteopathy in 1982 and practiced in the UK for 10 years before moving to Australia. Firstly studying and teaching in Melbourne, where she gained a Masters in Osteopathic Paediatrics from RMIT, then moving to Sydney where she has been practicing for the past 28 years.

After having her own children, she also qualified as a breastfeeding counsellor with the Australian Breast Feeding Association (ABA). She brings her knowledge of breastfeeding to her clinical practice.

About Julie Fendall Osteopath in Randwick

Julie Fendall
DO MOstSc(Paeds) Reg. Osteopath CP 13614

Post Graduate Education

Julie continues extensive postgraduate study & teaches at postgraduate level in osteopathy in the cranial field, osteopathic paediatrics and the care of pregnancy, both locally and internationally.

This year she is upgrading her qualifications as a Breastfeeding counsellor to expand her knowledge in lactation, working towards becoming a Lactation Consultant.

“I have been a member of the teaching faculty of the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation (SCTF) in the UK; and I am an honorary board member of the SCTF in Australia and New Zealand. I have taught with other groups in Australia and New Zealand and also run independent programs in osteopathic paediatrics. I also teach with the Advanced Osteopathy Institute in Milan and this year also join SOMA in Milan to teach on their women’s health program”.

“This year I will be teaching several programs in Italy including contributing to a Paediatric Masters level course. I have been very fortunate to teach with this Italian group for the last 8 years and we have plans for many more courses together into the future”.

Julie has contributed to an advisory Clinical Practice Group for Osteopathy Australia helping to pave the way for best practice and best education for osteopaths in the care of children.

Family Life

Julie has three young-adult children, two of university age. She has vast experience in parenting, education and development, assisting families with managing health and developmental issues.

“I value positive parenting styles and recognise the need for a broad range of activities for children including physical exercise, appropriate stimulus for play and careful navigation of the use of digital devices. We are in new an interesting times”.

“I first worked with babies when I was in junior school acting as a mother’s helper to a neighbour during the holidays. I still really enjoy every day in practice being able to work with children, helping families with some of their most challenging experiences in health and wellbeing. Besides, chatting to babies and playing with small children is a pure delight. And if truth be told I love working with older children and teenagers too, I am endlessly reassured that the future is in very good hands”.

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