Osteopathy For Babies

Julie Fendall Osteopathy for Babies SydneyOsteopathic care of babies may help a wide range of health issues.

Hands-on Approach

The procedures used are non-invasive, placing joints and soft tissues into positions of ease, whilst using the baby’s own breathing and general movements to assist with the changes.

In helping children & supporting their families through developmental phases or difficult periods with a child’s health, I experience first hand, how early intervention can not only assist immediate health issues but help to prevent longer term problems with their body framework.

A Consulatation

I have been helping babies for almost 40 years having trained, studied and worked with many renowned practitioners throughout the world. I care deeply about the well being of children and ensure that I communicate with the parents and the children throughout the examination and treatment, to keep everyone informed about what I find and how I will approach their care. My treatment rooms have plenty of books and toys to help to keep the children comfortable and entertained, whilst also helping to evaluate their development.

I always take a very detailed history and examine the children thoroughly, to assess their health and to ensure osteopathic care is appropriate.

Growth & Development

Growth in the uterus and the passage of birth can put particular stresses on the baby’s body, which might affect their comfort, growth, feeding, digestion, breathing and development. This may be evident in the first few weeks or problems may develop later in their childhood.

An infant’s head is designed so that the plates of bone under and over lap one another during the birth process to pass through the birth canal. Usually sucking, breathing and crying help to allow pressure changes to re organise the delicate soft bones back into normal position. Sometimes the forces of a long or difficult labour, or one requiring the use of instruments during delivery, can inhibit this process of recovery. This might produce difficulties with head or neck position, which may result in a baby showing a preference to lie in one direction. Or the parents may notice their baby’s head shape may be changing with flattening on one spot. These physical findings along with problems with feeding, digestion and settling are often reasons for babies to be brought for osteopathic care.

Signs & Symptoms

Signs and symptoms that parents often discuss include: -

  • Difficulties with head and neck positioning
  • Asymmetric shaping or flattening of the baby’s head
  • Irritability, difficulty with settling and sleep issues.
  • Feeding problems such as poor tongue motion or inability to position and attach well.
  • Recurrent infections perhaps of the eyes, ears nose and throat.
  • Asymmetry of the baby’s movement and position of the spine or limbs.
  • Concerns about clicking joints – often these occur normally and spontaneously within a young baby but an osteopath can help to assess whether the joint motion is within normal for each age group.


Many families consult me through word of mouth recommendations of friends, family or other parents.

I see many babies referred by other health care professionals and work in conjunction with them for the best outcome for the baby.

You do not need to be referred by a GP but we will involve other health care providers where appropriate.

Background in Paediatrics

I have treated babies for many different conditions and have been involved with studying and teaching in this particular aspect of osteopathy, throughout my career; helping to increase the level of osteopathic paediatric care both locally and overseas.

I have been fortunate to be able to observe research projects in Italy, which have been demonstrating the efficacy of osteopathic care for neonates reducing stay time in hospital and aiding in the success of initiating breastfeeding for premature babies.

I became a breastfeeding counsellor with the Australian Breast Feeding Association 25 years ago. I still occasionally volunteer with the ABA on the helpline and bring that knowledge of feeding to my practice with infants and children.

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